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TRALALERE creates and produces the Code-Decode applications, platform, and pedagogical resources.

LIBRARIES WITHOUT BORDERS partners with the project Code-Decode to address the needs of local communities and institutions, integrating it with its own Code Voyagers project, notably by supporting and training local stakeholders.

LIBRARIES WITHOUT BORDERS and TRALALERE host and manage the Code-Decode online community.

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Pionnering innovative digital educational resources
Tralalere is a pioneer in digital education and pedagogy, and has developed a deep expertise in communicating with young audiences through its various types of educational programs and resources. Tralalere is a leading producer of cross-media educational programs: cartoons, serious games, web and mobile apps, eBooks, multi-channel awareness campaigns, museum installations, and more. Tralalere creates new ways of leveraging technologies for children’s education. We work in partnership with educational groups both within schools and outside, as well as with media partners, including television channels, and online/offline media. Tralalere designs and implements comprehensive awareness campaigns for children, parents, educators and public broadcasting organizations.
Tralalere leads media education programs geared towards both young audiences and the educational community, in both school and afterschool environments. Tralalere produces the Vinz & Lou program about the internet for ages 7-12, with the support of the French ministry of education, and the serious game 2025 ex machina, a critical media education tool about the internet and privacy for ages 12-17. Tralalere also operates the French section of the "Safer Internet", an awareness campaign promoting responsible use of the internet, organizes events promoting digital literacy and coding, and is an ambassador for the European CodeWeek.
The Code-Decode project is integrated with Tralalere's core mission of digital education. It complements other actions geared towards "Thinking Digital" by equipping them with the tools to "Create Digital".

Tralalere.com  // code-decode.net


A major NGO in providing access to knowledge, information, and education in the French-speaking world.
By supporting the creation of libraries in more than 20 countries across the globe and the creation of educational tools, BSF defends the idea that access to information and the diffusion of culture are essential to economic and humanitarian development as well as the democratization of societies.
The Code Voyagers, lead by BSF, is a project that raises awareness and trains the larger public in information programming. In April 2014 a Montreuil-based experiment was launched online with library networks. Using tools adapted in French, notably Codeacademy (translated in French by BSF and Scratch), workshops of discovery and training are proposed, facilitated by a network of volunteer mediators, and set up in numerous public structures and associations in the city.

www.bibliosansfrontieres.org  //  www.ideas-box.org  //  www.khan-academy.fr